Do-it Cannon Ball Mould 4-5lb

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Do-It moulds are the best moulds on the market, they are easy to use and do not require to be clamped as the handles provided allow you to hold the mould while pouring the lead and are easy to pull apart to release the sinker.

Cannon Ball lead sinkers are ideal for wreck and drift fishing and are becoming very, very popular.

The surface area is much less than traditional leads, so while drift fishing your line is much nearer to the boat as the water resistance is less and cannot push your lead so far away therefore presenting your gear to the fish before someone fishing with older type leads.

Cannon Ball leads are more stable while on the descent as they will not spin and veer to the side.

This larger capacity mould will produce 1 x 4lb and 1 x 5lb lead per pour.


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