Fishing Tools

The old adage goes ‘a bad craftsman blames his tools’ but without the proper equipment, how on earth could they hope to succeed? This is especially true of fishing. Without the right fishing tackle and tools, sea fishing is almost impossible. When looking for tools to aid you on your sea fishing voyage, here at Ocean Tackle Store we offer a series of ingenious and invaluable devices. From helping a beginner set-up and get ready for their first fishing trip to nifty tools to improve the most seasoned pro’s haul, Ocean Tackle Store has a wide range of stock available. Our tools in this section can aid you in making and repairing rigs and floats ashore and afloat, help prepare fish caught and ready bait for use. Above you’ll find our three categories we organise our stock into:

  • General Tools
  • Knives & Sharpeners
  • Pliers