Surf Casting

Surfcasting is an ever popular method of fishing that we proudly supply stock for here at Ocean Tackle Store. Be it for a beginner or a seasoned professional, whether you’re after some ocean fishing tackle or a rod, we have a well stocked list of everything you could need. Every item we stock is either personally tested by our company owner or by an independent body, so you can rest assured that if we’re selling it, it’ll be of the highest quality.

Surfcasting, known better as beachcasting in the UK, remains popular due to the accessibility of the sport. For the uninitiated, surfcasting is when a fisherman casts their line from the shore into the ocean, and normally has a focus on a target type of fish. It has gained it’s name of surfcasting as often the fisher will stand in the surf of a beach, rock jetty or even a pier.

As you’re fishing from the shoreline, it cuts out many of the high costs that some simply cannot afford that are associated with ocean fishing. For those who don’t own or have access to a boat but want to experience the thrill of ocean fishing, surfcasting is a superb way to do this.

Whatever the reason you may have for wanting to take part in this popular type of fishing, we have everything that you could want.