Artificial bait is extremely popular for many anglers, and lures such as the ones we stock are perfect for anyone - both novices and pros alike. Essentially, the reason we use lures is to get a fish’s attention, and as every fish is motivated by different shapes, colours and sizes, we thought it wise to stock an all-encompassing range - as we do with all of our products, of course.

The lure is attached to the end of your line and has a hook attached, in order to capture the fish once it bites. Of course, many anglers prefer to make their own hooks and lures, but we feel that our specially designed ones - from reputable brands - are a great option for those who simply want a ready made product which is good to go right away. We understand that, as well as your passion for angling, you also have other things to do in your leisure time and not always enough time to do it! Unfortunately, this is the way of the world. However, we believe that our selection of ready made lures will be more than ample, and allow you to get right on with it.

Our lures vary in price - some cost less than £1, whilst others cost just under £10. The reason for this is that some are more elaborate than others, and designed for larger and more intelligent fish. The beauty of ready made lures such as the high quality ones we sell is that you can get a lot of use out of them - eventually, even the more expensive ones pay for themselves.

We have lures from all the finest brands out there, such as Magic Minnow, whose ‘Sea Trout’ lure is extremely popular throughout the world and well-known for its effectiveness. We also have a selection of Storm lures - another great brand - who specialise in metal ones which are of great quality and value (we’ve got some multipacks available too).

Have a good look through our several pages of lures - we’re sure you’ll find something which is perfect for you. If you have any additional questions, please get in touch with us as we’ll be happy to offer any assistance or advice.