Spinners, Plugs and Lures

Have a look at our fantastic selection of spinners, plugs and lures.  We basically go to great lengths to source the finest angling equipment out there, so that we can supply it to you, our customers. If you’re acquainted with us, you'll know that already. We’re passionate about angling and want to make sure that other anglers stay passionate, and we feel that our superb products can help that happen.

We make sure that we stock a wide range of products in all categories, as we understand that all of our customers have different tastes and budgets. We want to enrich the angling experience for everyone - keen novices and seasoned experts alike - and we feel that our wonderful range of choice allows us to do this.

Every single product which comes in is tested before it is put up for sale. We will always be focused on practicality, as fishing is not a poser’s hobby - it’s one for people who really want to do something enriching.