When the worm was first introduced as a soft bait option, it became incredibly popular for anglers all over the world. The majority of modern baits that have been created were based on the soft bait technology and design.

As they are one of the most popular baits ever made, they come in a wide range of sizes that can accommodate to any fishing situation you have. Whether it be a worm a few inches long for fish such as panfish and trout, or a worm that is all the way up to 12 inches for pike and bass, there will be worm bait available for all situations.

They come in different types, where some will float, and other will sink. The different colour ranges makes them suitable for different fishing situations, such as deep sea or places with low visibility.

One of the main ways that these worm soft baits attract fish is thanks to three main features:

  • The texture of the worm, ranging from ringed, smooth or ribbed.
  • The vibrations in the water created by the tail which can be a ribbon, twister, straight or paddle.
  • The sink rate of the soft bait.