Fishing with a twintail soft bait has been a favourite for a lot of anglers. They are normally created with a slender body that is either ringed, smooth or ribbed, with a twintail at the end.

As these baits have a tapered head and body, a twintail can be cast into even the roughest of covers where you can find larger fish waiting to catch any prey. It can go through cover incredibly easy, and is able to work in tight conditions.

They are also very durable. Even if you are going to be recasting your rod throughout the day, your bait will put up a good fight. They are so well crafted, that even the large tails will stay on after multiple uses.

What makes these soft baits unique compared to the others we have on offer is the way you can utilise the tail. The way the hook is tied through the twintail, you can easily make the tail twitch, as if it’s alive. Doing this can attract the attention of fish that are swimming by it.