Sandeel is one of the numerous fish species you can find in the sea, and they are of vital importance to the majority of marine ecosystems. It is thought that at least 90% of fish that you can find in British waters will have fed on sandeel. As it one of the most commonly eaten species, it is a good design of soft bait to use.

Some sandeel soft baits have been specially designed to attract fish with special features. If you are trying to catch a predatory species, pay special attention to the tail of the soft bait. They can produce a tail action which imitates the actions of an injured sandeel.

The sandeel soft baits we have in store have different sizes to choose from, so you are easily able to capture the largest, or smallest of species. There is also a variety of colours. The brighter the colour, the better they are to use for low light conditions. The darker a colour, the better it is for bright light conditions, as well as shallow waters.

These types of soft bait are still effective when casting over rough and clean ground, wide estuaries, lake mouths, and can even be trolled on a freeline from a boat. When freelining, you need a big swivel so you can get the bait below the surface.