Prawns & Grubs

Prawns and grubs soft bait has become incredibly popular over the past few years. They are normally very detailed, and even the simplest of additions to them can catch a fish’s attention. This can range from the eyes sticking out, to the way that they glide through water like the real thing. They are also easy to attach to a rod, so they can be good if you have just started to fish.

Prawn is one of cods favourite prey, so if you are after this species particularly, then a prawn soft bait should be your number one option.

Grub soft baits are very similar to twintails in the way that they are designed. They are generally around 3 to 4 inches in length, but they come in a variety of different thicknesses. There are even those that are barely 2 inches long. The majority of anglers like to use 5 inch length grubs, as they are capable of capturing a wide range of species.

Curly tail designs are one of the most popular styles, and they can come in a single or twin tail design. As you retrieve your bait, the tail creates waves so you easily see where the bait is. Because of the water displacement creating a clearer visual que when being retrieved, it makes timings a lot easier.