Octopus & Squid

Octopus and squid as soft bait can provide great results, depending on what species it is you’re going for. It’s important to use them in the right way, or else there’ll be very little chance you get the fish you want.

As they aren’t the best of swimmers, they make small movements while swimming along the bottom of the sea. This hides them from midwater predators. They are also targeted by dentexes, amberjacks and sea breams. This means that either an octopus or squid soft bait will be sure to attract these species if cast somewhere they’re likely to be.

Generally, you’ll want to cast them into deep waters. This can cause multiple inconveniences, as you aren’t able to see the actual bait. That’s why a lot of our octopus and squid baits are made to be easy to see. There are some that even have a built in UV effect, meaning you can see them easily when underwater.

If you are someone who isn’t ready for catching some of the bigger fish you can find in the deepest parts of the sea, then we do have mini octopuses. These are a great asset for bait fishing for smaller fish, as they will attract fish such as mackerel.