A spoon lure is a concave device which is shaped like the end of a spoon. It has special benefits for fishing, including its light-reflecting attributes and quick movement. In order to meet a variety of demands, we stock many different sizes of spoon rigs. Our smallest size is 29mm, as seen in the Magnum Indianna Spinners, and our largest is the Dodger Spoon (in 5.25’’). Each has their own advantages but the Dodger is especially useful for muppet and soft bait fishing. The holographic tape is very attractive to fish and is priced only £4.20.

We also stock lightweight In-Line Spinner Blades with a low drag factor and fast rotation speed. The sound frequency is high and can be easily fitted to a hook length without the added need of clevis. In addition to this, our Diamond Thunder Spoon is also very lightweight (19g or 28g). It has a superb nickel finish and its embossed surface reflects light and creates added turbulence.

If your spoon needs updating, then Ocean Tackle Store also stock holographic attractor blades. Manufactured by Sakuma, these visual attractors are great in daylight and draw in plaice and flounder fish.