Quick Bead System

The 'Quick Bead System' (QBS) is a sensational further development of the legendary cross-bead.
The main advantages are easy handling and tremendous versatility. The slot on the side of the QBS clicks onto your rig in seconds. Gone are the days of sitting rumaging through your tackle box to replace a rig when your shipmate is hauling fish after fish over the gunwhale. It is not necessary to replace the entire rig, but only to very quickly replace the hook-length. The hook-length moves completely naturally, as the QBS allows it to swivel 360° around the rig body, as well as allowing the hook-length to spin within the QBS, no swivel is required.
The inventor and an expert in terms of QBS is world champion fisherman Heiner Großmann who continues to develop and use the QBS system.
Tips: The Quick Beads are clear and are excellent to use on stealth rigs to target Pollock, Bass, Bream etc; The smaller Quick Beads can be used to make versatile Beach Casting rigs, hook-lengths can be pre-baited with sandeel or worm and quickly clipped on to re-bait your rig.