Ready Made Rigs

Browse our all-encompassing range of ready made rigs!

Have a look at our wonderful range of ready made rigs right here on the Ocean Tackle Store website. We have gone to great lengths to source some of the finest fishing equipment out there, and this goes for absolutely everything - not just the more expensive items. We carry rigs from the well-known brands such as Dexter, Storm, Tempest and Titan, and of course they all come in all sorts of different shapes and sizes.

We are committed to the highly rewarding sport that is angling and we only sell the best gear out there - everything that we ever even consider selling is tested out by the Ocean Tackle Store owner before we decide whether or not to put it on sale. If a piece of equipment meets our high standards, we will then decide to go ahead and sell it; if, on the other hand, we don’t think it’s up to the job, we don’t sell it.

We stock angling equipment which will suit all budgets - we have the high-end, premium brand gear which sells very well due to its reputation of immense quality, and we also have more affordable options which are great for both those with a lesser budget and those who are only just starting out.

Here at Ocean Tackle Store we don’t just sell equipment - we really are passionate about angling and are highly knowledgeable with regards to absolutely everything we stock. We believe that it is only right that we know our inventory inside out, because that is the only way we will be able to advise our customers rightly. We think that the best way to find out whether something is good is to test it out - and we do so keenly. Every single piece of equipment is given a run out - whether that’s a rod which costs a lot of money or a ready made rig that costs less than a pound.