Spinning Fishing Rods

Salt water Spinning from the shore is an effective method to fish for an extensive range of species around our coast and is the method that most of us have tried, as it is accessible and easy to learn. 

You will find an excellent range of Spinning fishing rods in this section with casting weights from 10g to 120g.  A form of Spinning growing in popularity is 'Rock-Hopping' - an exciting way to fish as you are constantly on the move and everything you require to use is stashed on your person to keep you mobile.

 The rods required have to be light but powerful enough to launch a lure, soft bait, dead bait or live bait a good long way into the sea.  Most of our rods are suitable for this type of fishing. 

Spinning is also effective from a boat when casting towards the shore for Pollock, Code, Wrasse etc.

Due to the length and fragile nature of fishing rods, these will be sent by courier and there is a standard delivery charge of £11.99 per rod to UK customers. Travel rods are now exempt from this standard charge and postage will be charged based on the postal weight of the rod. Non UK customers should contact us directly before ordering a rod for a delivery quote.