Multiplier Reels

Multiplier fishing reels

As mentioned in the above section, beginners don’t tend to start out with multiplier reels, as they’re a bit more complicated (yet have higher capabilities as a result) and also require a lot more maintenance. Most anglers, once they pass the novice stage and start to accumulate a bit more experience, move on and start to use multiplier reels. They open up a whole new world of possibilities for the angler, especially those who ply their trade out at sea and watch to catch the trickier and more evasive fish.

The spool on a multiplier reel is free-running and adjustable, meaning that it has much better casting capabilities and the reeling-in process is made much easier by the cranking power that this type of reel boasts. Once an angler becomes more proficient, they find it difficult to go back to the more primitive fixed spool style, as it can seem a much more basic and less exciting way to fish.

Anglers should not be put off by the fact that a multiplier reel is more difficult to use - it does eventually pay off once you master it. Becoming accustomed to the multiplier format can take a bit of time, and lines must be cast much more smoothly from them, as they are prone to tangling (the aforementioned ‘bird’s nest’) - which can ruin a fishing trip as it can take a frustratingly long amount of time to rectify.

The spool on a multiplier reel revolves on a spindle, whilst the handle is on one side and the magnetic control dials are on the opposite side. You can choose where you want the reel - you can either have it nearer to you, at the bottom of the rod, or further up towards the centre of the rod; it’s entirely up to you.

As we mentioned earlier with regards to fixed spool reels and how they can be configured for both left and right handed users as and when, you should hereby note that multiplier reels are not like this - their handles are fitted to one side when they’re manufactured. For this reason, when you buy a multiplier reel, you must ensure that you buy one for the correct hand, as you won’t be able to get around this.

We also said earlier that fixed spool reels go with rods which have few rings which are larger in size. The opposite applies here with multiplier reels - the rods they can be used with have more rings which are smaller in size. This is absolutely essential to the effectiveness of the rod and reel combination - you won’t be able to mix and match and hope for the best.

In order to enable better control during the casting out of a line, multiplier reels come with a brake system built into them. This allows the angler to slow down the spool’s spinning as during the casting process, thus allowing for a much higher level of control. Thanks to modern technologies and a great deal of innovation, many of the braking systems now found in multiplier reels can greatly reduce the chances of an angler falling victim to the dreaded bird’s nest which we’ve mentioned a couple of times already.

Multiplier reels are widely used in sea fishing, as they are the sort which can deal with large fish. If you’re an angler who’s recently advanced from a novice level to a more intermediate one, it might be worth having a look at getting a multiplier reel, as they are the next step up.

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