Fixed Spool Reels

Fixed spool fishing reels

The fixed spool reel is the sort that the vast majority of novice anglers start out with. As you can probably tell by the name, the spool doesn’t move or rotate, and is fixed in place. The bail arm rotates around the fixed spool, and wraps fishing line around the spool when the user is reeling in.

Though they are popular amongst novices particularly, there are many anglers in the UK who favour this reel even once they do become more skilled with experience. The fixed spool reel is, quite simply, very easy to use indeed. Not only that, but they’re rather inexpensive from a buyer’s perspective, which is yet another reason why they’re so popular - not every angler can afford highly expensive equipment, of course. That said, there are some very expensive fixed spool reels out there, many of which allow their users to cast their lines really far out.

Generally speaking, the more expensive a fixed spool reel is, the more ball bearings it will have had implemented into its design. This allows for much better performance and a smoother user experience. Every fixed spool reel will have a winding system which lays the line evenly across the spool when it is reeled in - the better quality ones also have an anti-twist mechanism on the arm.

Some anglers do make the switch from fixed spool reels to multiplier reels, but there are some who enjoy the simplicity offered by the former (the latter are a little bit more difficult to use, though they are a bit more capable in some regards). Another thing to note is that the majority of fixed spool reels can be configured to serve both the right and the left handed, which is very useful for anglers who have to share the same equipment but don’t use the same hand.

Fixed spool reels require very little maintenance - this is yet another massive plus point of them. Perhaps needless to say, you can only use a fixed spool reel on a fishing rod which has been designed to accommodate one. These sorts of rods have few rings, but the ones they do have are large, and their job is basically to break down the line as it is dispensed from the spool.

Casting a line with a fixed spool reel is generally thought to be considerably less complicated than it is with a multiplier reel, because with the latter you can run the risk of ‘bird’s nest’ (intense tangling when casting out), due to its tendency to overrun, which is caused by the revolving nature of the spool. The fixed spool will only take fishing line when it is drawn from the spool, so this is why the aforementioned problem doesn’t tend to happen in the case of fixed spool reels.

Here at Ocean Tackle Store we have a massive range of fixed spool reels, and we’re certain that we can find the right one for you. If you’re a beginner who needs a bit of advice on exactly what to get, we’re always here to provide you with some transparent and honest advice. All you need to do is let us know where you’ll be fishing, what you’ll be trying to catch and a rough budget figure, and we’ll be able to provide you with a product that’ll serve you extremely well indeed.