Fishing Reels

Why Ocean Tackle Store is the place to get fishing reels

The fishing reel is an absolutely crucial part of any angler’s inventory, no matter what sort of fishing activities they engage in, or what part of the world they’re based in. It’s just as important as the rod itself, in fact, and it must be up to the job, or there’ll be no success. Unfortunately, locating a reel that performs its function and stands the test of time is sometimes easier said than done. This is where we come in - we’ve got a fine selection of fishing reels, one which will contain the right product for any angling enthusiast. We’ll be able to kit you out whether you’re a seasoned professional or a novice who’s recently taken up the glorious hobby of fishing.

The two main types of reels we stock here at Ocean Tackle Store are of the multiplier and the fixed spool varieties, and from there they are divided into a multitude of further subcategories. As you’ll see when you browse our selection, we’ve left no stone unturned and have thought of absolutely every type of angler and every occasion.