Monofilament Rig Line

Monofilament Rig Line

Monofilament rig lines are made from a single fiber of plastic. A lot of popular rig lines are made with monofilament because they are a low cost material that has a variety of tensile strengths. This type of line isn’t recommended for deepwater fishing, as it can absorb water, resulting in loose knots. When a monofilament line gets completely wet, it can decrease in sensitivity.

Monofilament degrades with time and there is a chance of structural weakening if the material is exposed to extreme heat and sunlight. That is another reason why monofilament wouldn’t be suitable for deep sea fishing, as you are more exposed to the weather. It is advised that you change monofilament line at a regular intervals to prevent any degradation.

Monofilament lines are one of the most user friendly options you can choose from. A lot of people who are learning to fish use this sort of line because of this fact. Monofilament lines are significantly easier to knot, making teaching a young child to fish a much easier process than using a braid line. You don’t have to use a complicated knot for it to be a good line to use. If you don’t want to spend the majority of you time learning every knot in the book, then monofilament lines are the best place to start.

Another great aspect of this line is that it is incredibly easy to cut. You may not think this is a significant benefit, but if you forget your scissors or other blade when fishing with a superline then retrying can get very tricky.

A fresh spool of nylon will cast well, and with incredible ease. Even though spool often has to be replaced, there are certain ways to extend its lifespan. Line conditioner is good to apply to this product so you don’t have to replace it on a regular basis.

The Amnesia Clear line is a unique monofilament line as it doesn’t have any memory. This means that you shouldn’t have to replace your line on a regular basis, like with other monofilaments. It is available in a variety of sizes, making it available for a large variety of rods.

The Sakuma Fluoro-Carbon line is one of the most invisible lines you can find. If you want that added aspect of surprise when fishing this should be your number one choice.

Both the Polar Nylon and Skuma Rig Body are extremely hard and tough lines. They can handle a variety of different weights, with the Polar Nylon being better for deep water fishing and wrecking rigs, and the Sakuma Rig Body more suited for stand off hook lines.