Monofilament Reel Line

Monofilament Reel Lines

Although we’ve talked about Monofilament when on a rig line, we haven’t explained about reel lines.

Reel lines can cast a large distance, and they are a great for presenting lightweight lures. They are great for lobbing more delicate, natural baits such as greenies or shrimp. These reel lines also have a great line capacity compared to braided lines. This can be a major decider, especially if you are fishing for hard running species.

Another of the great advantages is that you have the ability to skip cast with incredible ease, giving any fishermen an easier time when fishing from targeting docks or deeper shorelines. That can be one of the deciding factors for what line an angler uses.

One of the main points to note about reel lines is how they are trouble free and easy to use, no matter when your skill level is. It doesn’t matter if you are a child just getting into fishing, or a pro that has been doing it for years, reel lines can be some of the best fun you can have when fishing.

A lot of these lines are specifically made for lure fishing, combining not only excellent castability, but low stretch and high knot strength. They can come in a variety of colours, so you go for either easy to see lines, or clear, camouflaged lines.

The Profish Ghostline has quickly proven itself to be one of the most abrasive-resistant lines that can be found on the market. It has an impressive knot strength, and can be set out over a large distance. It is a low visibility line, giving you the camouflage you may need. Even though it is low visibility, it doesn’t mean that its toughness has been forgotten. It is highly resistant, being able to put up with even the toothiest of fish.