Mono & Wire Leaders

Mono & Wire Leaders

Mono and wire leaders are a great line to consider. They can often be inexpensive, and one of the top choices to tie in bulk. They are made with different materials and in various strengths and flexibilities. Even the lines that are made with metallic materials will be carefully chosen so that they will not rust. This makes them a very durable material. Mono leaders are some of the heavier grade than the standard line on your reel. Standard mono leaders will work on a 300 pound test, whereas line on the reel will seldom exceed an 80 pounds test. Wire leaders are normally made with steel content.

These sort of lines are best of being used for fish that may have a sharper tooth compared to your average fish. The breaking strain is normally high, so you can take on even the biggest of fish. Some lines are more likely to attract predator fish. The Wire “Bleeding Leader” with Duo Lock Snap is coloured blood red. The way it attracts fish by mimicking blood is a valuable asset. This blood red is filtered out faster than other colours when in deep water, and it can vanish to fish that aren’t interested in blood.

Both of these leaders are good to use when fishing for big fish. They are also incredibly adaptable to the majority of water circumstances. For example, the Grand Slam Mono Leader can be used for both fresh or salt water. It can be used in small rivers or full trolling for tuna. By using an advanced monofilament, it is not only supple, but extra tough. It has been used for everything, ranging from flounder fishing, to deep sea monster hunting. It is an adaptable line, so may be the perfect choice for you if fish in various locations on a regular basis.

By seeing the different lines that we have on offer, you should have a good idea on which line is best suited for you. Fishing lines are the most important part of a fishing rod. Without a fishing line, you have nothing to catch a fish on. Before you pick a line, make sure you know what it is you are going to be doing. Some lines cannot be used in both salt and fresh water, so doing your research first is always recommended. It doesn’t matter if you’re after a sea fishing line, or something else, we will have the line for you. Here at Ocean Tackle Store, we have over 40 years of successful sea fishing experience, so you can trust us that we are some of the most experienced fishing tackle suppliers in the industry. If you have any queries at all about the suitable line for you, get in contact today. We will use our experience to assure you have the best possible advantage over your prey.

from £6.64 (£7.97 inc tax)
Tuff Stuff Fluorocarbon proved to be the strongest when compared to other leading brands during our own comparison test.
Range sizes available. 

Minimum quantity for "Tuff Stuff Fluorocarbon" is 1.

from £7.40 (£8.88 inc tax)
49 Strand Stainless Steel Shark Leader cable.
90 to 800lb
In stock

Minimum quantity for "49 Strand Wire Shark Leader by AFW" is 1.

from £3.20 (£3.84 inc tax)
Genuine 100 metre spools of Amnesia 'no memory' shooting line.
Various sizes available
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Amnesia Clear Line" is 1.

£5.53 (£6.64 inc tax)
Stainless steel wire leader complete with swivel and size 1 treble hook.
15 kg breaking load.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Wire Leaders with Treble Hooks 7x7 (Behr)" is 1.

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from £4.16 (£4.99 inc tax)
Shakespeare Beta Saltwater monofilament line.  Available in a range of breaking strains from 15lb - 80lb.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Shakespeare Beta SW Monofilament" is 1.

from £2.71 (£3.25 inc tax)
Commercial grade tough line for making rigs.
100 metres
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Polar Nylon" is 1.

from £5.43 (£6.52 inc tax)

For everyday use in fresh or salt water, there’s Grand Slam Leader, the leader that’s as at-home bottom fishing as it is trolling for tuna. An advanced monofilament extruded with properties that make it supple, yet extra tough. Range of size options.

In stock

Minimum quantity for "Grand Slam Mono Leader" is 1.

from £9.16 (£10.99 inc tax)
Sufix Wind-On monofilament and fluorocarbon leaders are the choice of top skippers and tournament anglers.
Wind-On leaders are a definite advantage when Pirk fishing/Speed-Jigging.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Wind-On Fluorocarbon Leader by Sufix" is 1.

£4.48 (£5.38 inc tax)
Green colour stainless steel wire leader complete with swivel and size 1 treble hook.
15 kg breaking load.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Wire Leaders with Treble Hooks 1x7 (Behr)" is 1.

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£3.83 £1.60 (£1.92 inc tax)
Memor-X is perfect for memory free leaders, snoods and rig line.
Red Line, 50 metre spool.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Ultima Memor-X Saltwater Leader - Red" is 1.

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from £1.42 (£1.70 inc tax)
Heavy Nylon Trace. Ultra clear nylon for making heavier leaders.
Line Diameter from 1mm to 1.5mm.

Minimum quantity for "'Supatrace'" is 1.

from £2.55 (£3.06 inc tax)
Triple Fish Fluorocarbon rig line -Excellent value for money.
Range of sizes available.
In stock

Minimum quantity for "Triple Fish Fluoro Carbon" is 1.