Light Rock Fishing (LRF)

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Aquawave Lock Head Jig Hook
Pack of 4 jig heads with size 8 hook - range of head weights
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Minimum quantity for "Aquawave Lock Head Jig Hook" is 1.

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Appearances can be deceptive! Whilst the JACO NAILL looks like a simple short worm it is so much more. Suitable for jig head fishing and drop shotting.
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The Shad lure comes with a small hole in its body to help you position the jig head correctly. It is made of a strong, durable material. It has been designed so that its body shape, especially its tail will help get fishes attention.
Range of colour options.

Minimum quantity for "Aquawave Worm Shad" is 1.

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The new ultimate spinning line from Berkley. Maximum strength from the minimum diameter.
Available in 125m and 270m spools.
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WFT Gliss Fishing line features maximum strength, highest abrasion resistance and extreme suppleness for the longest of casts.
Available in Green, Yellow and Translucent.

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Light Rock Fishing Lure. Tempting twin tails to attracted curious fish coupled with shrimp scent makes these lures deadly in catching all LRF target species.
Range of colour options.
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Minimum quantity for "HTO Knight Worm" is 1.

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An easy to use ISOME (sand worm) hook bait made from biodegradable material, that looks and feels like the real thing. It is enhanced with extracts that attract fish and made with a lifelike shape and feel for amazing results.
Available in a range of sizes and colours.
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Strong, smooth and thin microfilament braid line.
Works great on conventional or spinning reels.
135m spool, Moss Green.
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One look at the strong aggressive red Catana tells you this is a reel of quality and excitement. A strong lightweight aluminium spool comes as standard making the Catana ideal for both mono and braided lines.
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Shirasu jig head with a fine wire hook
Pack of 5
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Good and strong, stainless steel split rings for making and connecting larger rigs.
Size range from 4mm to 18mm, 15lb to 220lb.
Packs of 50 or 200
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