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170mm Gilly Eels

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The GLC Gilly Lure is similar to other plastic sand eels except for a few major refinements including:
  • Adding protruding pectoral fins as stabilizers to keep the lure from spinning
  • A hollow body to give it more buoyancy
  • A more rigid body
  • A re-designed paddle tail
  • Making the lure out of 100% high grade silicone instead of Plastisol or PVC increases durability and environmental friendliness
The Gilly Lure has a superior action and is more durable than the original PVC and Plastiso versions. It won't sun fade or deteriorate in the tackle box like the others. And because GLC inject two different durometer silicones in the body and tail, it has a harder, more rigid body with a soft, life-like tail.
Length: 170mm
Pack of 3
Colour Options:
  • Green/Yellow Black Tiger
  • White / Black Tiger
  • Green Glitter / Black Tiger
  • Clear Sillver / Black Tiger
  • Pearl /Metallic Blue
  • Yellow
  • Green /Black Tiger
  • Pearl
  • Clear Silver with Red Head
  • Assorted Colours (may vary)

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