Bass Fishing/LRF/HRF

Bass fishing, Light Rock Fishing and Heavy Rock Fishing are some of the most accessible and affordable ways to begin ocean fishing, especially if you’re after a range of different game to catch. Here at Ocean Tackle Store, we have some of the best deals around for ocean fishing equipment, rigs and tackle, with a wide range of products that have all been given our approval.

All of our equipment is tested by either our company owner or an independent body, meaning that it is tested by enthusiastic experts out on the ocean. Rest assured, anything that we stock has proven to be an indispensable addition to an ocean angler’s equipment.

One of the reasons that LRF and HRF remain such popular methods of sea angling is because of how little equipment you need to get started. Within this guide we’ll be looking at some of the best gear to get you started or to improve your chances of a prize catch, in this affordable way to begin ocean fishing.