Rod Accessories

After purchasing your top quality rod equipment from our excellent rod section, you’ll be wanting to look for anything to help give you the extra edge when on the ocean. We offer rod covers carriers, storage systems and rod bags, anything that you could possibly need to make transportation of the rods a breeze. Nothing’s worse than having a dirty rod, so cover it up for protection from the elements and outside dirt. We also supply holders and clips to secure your rod and let you relax enjoying your time on the water. Butt pads, clip ons and rod holders, we are confident we can provide you with the best quality and most secure tools to stop your rod from being stolen by a tough to catch prize. With guide single and double legs as well as harnesses for your rod, you’ll be equipped to take on even the toughest of catches. We even have guides on rod building, to help you develop your rig and gear building knowledge and skill base, helping you to improve your time out on the ocean.