General Accessories

In general accessories, you will be given a look at some of the miscellaneous accessories we have on offer ranging from items that will make your equipment last a little longer, to torches and line winders.

Torches - we offer a great selection of torches to help with you out when you’re out at night. What could be worse than finding yourself in a night fishing session without a torch. It’s one of those things that everyone forgets from time to time but can ruin a whole trip if left behind. Don’t be left in the dark and have a look at our range of torches. We offer head strap and hand held torches, for whether you need a hands free alternative or a more hands on approach.

Scales - what better way to see how big a prize you’ve landed than by measuring the weight of your captured sport. Here at Ocean Tackle Store we offer collapsable, mechanical and lip grip scales to suit your convenience for whatever measuring needs you will have.

Reel oil and Grease - when spending so much money on top quality rods, reels and rigs, you want to make sure you get the most for your money, and our reel and grease oil with make sure you get that extra mileage out of your equipment. After applying the best quality oils and grease to your reels you’ll be amazed at the efficiency and extra quality you get out of the gear you have.

Tackle and line Equipment - a big and exciting part of ocean fishing is the production of specialised tackles to attract the biggest catch you can. These can be bought pre-made, or produced at home. We supply a great range of items to help with the home production of such tackle, selling glue to attach them together and to hooks. When taking a line onto an ocean fishing voyage, you want to make sure you keep clutter to a minimum so buying a couple of line winders can really help cut down on ocean based mess.