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Find the best fishing hooks for your tackle box at Ocean Tackle Store

Whether you need to restock your fishing tackle box or you want to make sure you have a good supply of fishing hooks available at all times, we have the best selection of fishing tackle for you to choose from right here. Our wide selection of fish hooks and lures will allow you to always get the most out of your fishing expeditions, so you can be sure you constantly have a fantastic time when out fishing.

Our sea fishing hooks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes as well, so no matter what it is you’re hoping to catch, we can help. To ensure your fish hooks last as long as possible, the ones we have available have been chemically sharpened. This not only means that the hooks are much sharper, but it also allows them to be more effective when in use.

We only stock the very best fishing hooks, from a number of manufacturers, including those such as Sakuma and Cox & Rawle. If you have a preferred manufacturer, you can guarantee you’ll be able to find it right here at Ocean Tackle Store, where we put our customers first to ensure we can help you as much as possible. Whatever your needs are when it comes to fishing tackle, you can guarantee the Ocean Tackle Store will be able to help you.

Hook Patterns - There are numerous hook patterns available, and it really does come down to personal preferences when it comes time to choose the ideal ones for you. You can purchase hook patterns for specific species of fish, or to be used with different types of bait. In addition to this, the type of hook you use may be referred to by either its shape, the designer’s name, there the designer is from, or many other attributes. This being said, it can be a little confusing to figure out which hook pattern you want to use when you first begin sea fishing.

If you ever feel that you need some assistance with finding the ideal hook pattern for your needs, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. We’d be happy to offer you as much advice and assistance as you require.

Hook Sizes - When it comes to hook patterns, you may be a little confused at first, as there are so many hook sizes to choose from! However, when it comes to fishing hook sizes, all you need to know is that the smaller the number, the larger the fishing hook. This means that, for sea fishing, you will want a hook between 8 and 1.

Once you get to 0, hook sizes then increase like so 1/0, 2/0, 3/0, all the way up to 12/0. Our range of Gummimakk hooks, Assist hooks and Jig hooks is very comprehensive, so check out our current stock to find the right fish hook for your trip.

The system for hook sizes can seem thoroughly confusing at first, but it’s really much easier to understand than you’d expect. What’s important is that you remember that not all manufacturers follow the same size guidelines, so a size that you’re used to from one company may not translate to the same size by another. This is why it can pay to experiment to find the manufacturer you like the most - you’ll often find that fishing enthusiasts always have a favourite!

Hook Points - There are a total of nine hook points that you can choose from, and each one offers up a different use.

The points include:

  • Knife-edged - These hooks are used for hard-mouthed fish and are designed to cut into the fish’s mouth and bone. The only issue with these points is that they have a tendency to cut in and out of the fish
  • Needle-point - Needle-point hooks are very thin and look precisely how you’d expect them to. However, they have the advantage of not cutting once they’re in the fish’s mouth, and not being able to cut out
  • Barbless - Again, this hook point does exactly what it says on the tin. These hooks can be much more humane for the fish, as they take less time to remove and can do less damage to the fish. If you do a lot of catch and release fishing, you’ll find that barbless hooks are much more beneficial, and can help you to enjoy your experience more
  • Micro barbs - You’ll often find micro barbs on hooks that are used for catching trout, or which you can use for coarse fishing
  • Short barb points - These hook points have a barb closer to the actual hook point, which makes them differ from standard hooks
  • Beak points - The hook point on these is closer to the barb, which is curved upwards towards the shank
  • Kirbed/Reverse hook points - The points on these hooks curve away from the shank and are thought to provide fishermen and women with increased hook-up rates. This is because the shank does not deflect the point
Jig Hooks - Jig hooks are used to attach jig artificial lures to, as many feel that this type of fishing lure is the most successful. They can be both versatile and productive in terms of how many fish you can catch with them, and while they can be simple in design they can give you excellent results.

A jig hook features a bend on the shank, which is placed before the eye and has a 60 to 90 degree angle. The angle that each jig hook has will determine where the eye is placed and how the jig will actually float in the water.

As well as this, the length of the shank is also important, as it will let you know what the jig hook can actually be used for. For instance, short shank jig hooks can be used to bait with live minnows, while a longer shank will be better suited to the use of soft-plastic grubs or lizard bodies.

The diameter of the hook wire will tell you where the hook can be used. A light wire hook will be ideal for environments in which it can bend easily. This is the case in brush piles and cribs, where these hooks can be pulled free easily should they snag. You can use strong wire hooks in rocky areas though, or in environments that have a lot of weeds and plants in.

We stock jig hooks in a range of colours as well, so you can choose the ideal ones for you.

Standard Hooks - We have a wide range of standard fishing hooks, which you’ll be able to use in a variety of situations to provide you with the best return. These include hooks from all kinds of manufacturers as well, so you’ll surely be able to find the optimum one for your requirements.

Gummimakk / Assist Hooks - Our selection of Gummimakk and assist hooks is certainly vast, which allows you to find the perfect hooks for the type of fishing you want to do. These hooks originated from Norway and are the ideal hook for cod fishing - their design makes them much easier to use for this kind of fishing. Alongside being great for cod fishing, you can also use them to catch pollock and saithe.

One of the best things about these hooks is that you don’t even need to use bait with them, thanks to their unique design. So long as you ensure the hooks are moving swiftly through the water, and that they have enough spin on them with speed, you’ll be able to catch an excellent number of fish with them.

You’ll be able to catch sizeable fish with Gummimakk hooks as well, as they’re made from heavy wire that will endure a lot of use. You can even use them in waters around Norway, Shetland and other areas that are traditionally quite difficult to fish in, and which see larger fish.

The tip of Gummimakk fishing hooks have a natural quivering motion that attracts fish, and which is made from real latex. You can buy Gummimakk hooks in a range of colours, as well as in packs of hooks with various colours, to ensure you use the right one every time.

Treble Hooks - These fishing hooks are an excellent piece of kit that you should absolutely make sure is available in your tackle box. This hook is ideal for larger fish that you want to hook first time, thanks to the increased number of hooks on them. If you’re using larger pieces of bait, or larger artificial bait, a treble hook can be the perfect option.

Hook Materials - The material used in the creation of your fishing hooks is also very important, as it can determine how long the hooks can be stored for. Stainless steel hooks are often the most popular, as they can be stored for a longer period of time thanks to the fact that they do not rust as easily.

That being said, there are some disadvantages to stainless steel hooks. This can include the fact that they aren’t as tough as hooks made from other materials, and so they can sometimes bend out when in use. Alongside this, they can lose their sharpness over time due to their softness, but it is possible to sharpen them. But with that being said you should only ever sharpen a hook if they haven’t been laser or chemically sharpened, otherwise you could actually end up blunting them, which you certainly don’t want to do!

Another point on sharpening hooks is that you must ensure you don’t over-sharpen them, as the more you sharpen them, the more heat will be produced. This can lead to hooks bending and breaking off much more easily, which will mean you’ve wasted your money. We want to make sure you get the most use out of your fishing hooks as possible, and so recommend that you do not remove too much metal from your hooks.

Stainless steel hooks also last longer in terms of how quickly they can degrade in water. They’ll also degrade slower when in fish, which is an important consideration. How to store our hooks - Once you’ve purchased some of the fishing hooks we have in stock at Ocean Tackle Store, it’s obviously very important that you make sure you store them properly to keep them from rusting or corroding. For starters, you should never keep used and unused hooks together. They should be stored separately, with unused hooks kept in their original packaging. Similarly, if possible, you should not open a packet of hooks until you actually need them, as this will keep them ‘fresh’ for as long as possible.

It can be a good idea to keep the packets of desiccant drying powder that your fishing hooks will arrive with, as you can place them in your tackle box to keep the area free from moisture. This will offset any rust that begins to spread, and can ensure you don’t have to spend more money on tackle than absolutely necessary.

If you want to find out more about the types of hooks that we stock, take a look at our categories to view all of our available products now. You can also contact us to ask us for more information on any products you may be interested in. Simply call us on 01595 694848 or email

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